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static synchronous compensator


The amount of energy remaining in a battery, as a percentage of its maximum capacity. SoC is the opposite of depth-of-discharge. (SoC = 1 – DoD) For example, a state of charge = 60% means that 40% of the battery has been discharged (they are 40% empty, or the depth-of-discharge = 40%).

static calculations

Static calculations neglect the time value of money. Future cash-flows are not discounted (opposite to dynamic calculations).

static height

The height of a vertical column of water at rest that produces a given pressure (e.g. 10 m vertical column of water cause a pressure of 1 bar)

static pressure

The pressure at a point caused by the weight of a vertical column of water at rest acting on that point

static synchronous compensator

(STATCOM) - a regulating device used on alternating current electricity transmission networks. It is based on a power electronics voltage-source converter and can act as either a source or sink of reactive AC power to an electricity network. If connected to a source of power it can also provide active AC power. It is a member of the FACTS (flexible alternating current transmission system) family of devices.

static VAR compensator

SVC - a device that supplies or consumes reactive power.


Stationary part of an electrical machine.


standard test conditions


(bio.) A device that is used to mix biomass substrates within a digester or digestate storage tank in order to facilitate the digestion process by increasing the contact zones of methanogenic bacteria with fresh biomass substrate, also called an agitator.

stochastic tree

A decision tree with branches that represent the probability of occurrence.


A formation of layers, e.g. of different temperature layers in a hot water tank



string of modules or solar cells

When PV modules or solar cells are connected in series, they are called a string of PV modules or solar cells.


Germany’s first Renewable Energy Feed-in Law, adopted in 1990, which required utilities to purchase power from renewable electricity producers at rates based on a percentage of retail prices (65-90%).


(fin.) The act of developing and setting up a ) financial structure.


Speed range lower than the synchronous speed.

sub-transmission grid

Electricity grid operated at HV or MV for regional power transfers (sometimes part of transmission, sometimes part of distribution grid).


A limitation in an insurance policy on the amount of coverage available to cover a specific type of loss. A sublimit is part of, rather than in addition to, the limit that would otherwise apply to the loss. In other words, it places a maximum on the amount available to pay that type of loss, rather than providing additional coverage for that type of loss.


The assignment to an insurer by terms of the policy or by law, after payment of a loss, of the rights of the insured to recover the amount of the loss from one legally liable for it.

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