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Monitoring and Evaluation


measurement and verification


square metre per annum generation of one megawatt hour


mean Absolute Error

magnetic flux

Physical quantity describing the impact of a magnetic field. The SI unit of magnetic flux is the weber (Wb).

mains cold water connection

The connection where the cold water from the supplyer comes in

maintenance reserve account

A dedicated account in which cash sufficient to cover a project’s maintenance expenses is regularly deposited.


The amount expressed as a percent per annum above the interest rate basis or cost of funds. For hedging and futures contracts, the cash collateral deposited with a trader or exchange as insurance against default.

Markov process

A random process that has no memory – its result does not depend on earlier steps in the process. This means the next value of the process depends on the current value. It is independent of the previous values of the process. In probability theory, this property is also called the Markoff property.

maximum power point

That point on an I-V curve that represents the largest area rectangle that can be drawn under the curve. Operating a PV array at that voltage will produce maximum power.

maximum power point tracking

MPPT - operating the array at the peak power point of the array's I-V curve where maximum power is obtained.


Multilateral Development Bank

mean time between failures

Mean time to failure describes the expected average time between failures occuring in a system during operation.

mean time to failure

Average time that an item will function before it fails.

mean time to recover

The average time that a device will take to recover from any failure.

mechanical power

Mechanical work per unit time.

medium voltage

In AC voltages clasification, medium voltage is )1kV and «=35kV.

megavolt ampere

Unit for apparent power


Middle East and North Africa

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