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landfill gas

Methane-containing gas, produced on landfills.

layer of scum

During the anaerobic digestion of biomass, structural matter (e.g. straw) can float to the top of the substrate and form a so-called layer of scum that hinders the penetration of biogas. Special stirring devices are needed to break up this layer.


Low-Carbon Development Strategies

LCL filter

Hardware filter in electrical circuits consisting of inductances L and capacitance C to enhance the power quality


levelised cost of electricity


load duration curve


Low-Emission Development Strategies


bacterias que se desarrollan en agua tibia (alrededor de 35 a 55°C) y causan la enfermedad del legionario


Bacteria which flourish in warm water (around 35-55°C) and cause Legionnaires' disease


Someone making funds available with the expectation that the funds will be repaid, plus an interest and/or fees. A lender can be an individual, or a public or private group.

levelised cost of electricity

The net present value of the unit-cost of electricity over the lifetime of a generating asset. It is often taken as a proxy for the average price that the generating asset must receive in a market to break even over its lifetime. In American literature the term "Levelised Cost Of Energy" is often used as a synonym which is also abbreviated with LCOE.


The level of debt used in a particular transaction expressed as a percentage of equity or as a ratio to equity (also referred to as 'gearing').


linear Fresnel reflectors


London Interbank Ofered Rate

licencia de extracción

una licencia otorgada por la autoridad ambiental local que permite que una cantidad de agua determinada se saque de un curso de agua

light energy

Electromagnetic radiation in the form of energy carrying photons, integrated over time. Although light energy often only refers to the visible spectrum, light energy can be absorbed by solar cells across the whole solar spectrum, from the invisible infrared light to visible light to ultraviolet light.

light soaking

‘Light soaking’ in the context of photovoltaics refers to exposing PV cells/modules to radiation with solar spectrum, under controlled conditions. Part of IEC 61646 test routines, test used to measure degradation of thin film modules.


(bio.) A complex of lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose present in the cell walls of woody plants. Lignin is the complex constituent of wood that cements the cellulose fibres together and it is very difficult to digest, hardly producing any biogas.


Es el constituyente complejo de la madera, compuesto por lignina, celulosa y hemicelulosa que aglutina las fibras de la celulosa. Sinónimo: biomasa lignocelulósica

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