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solar irradiation

galvanic isolation

A galvanic isolation prevents current flows between functional sections of electrical systems.

garage box digester

Anaerobic digesters in the form of a garage in which drier organic material is digested. Commonly there are a minimum of 3 digesters next to each other to allow a semi-continuous batch process. One digester is loaded with fresh organic material, in the second digester organic material is already producing biogas for half of the retention time, while the third digester is almost ready to be unloaded as most of the biogas has been extracted already.

gas turbine

A type of internal combustion engine in which the combustion of a fuel (normally a fossil fuel) occurs with an oxidizer (usually air) in a combustion chamber.


The process in which a solid fuel is converted into a gas, also known as pyrolitic distillation or pyrolysis.




generator connection (or combiner) box


Green Climate Fund


Gross Domestic Product


The gearbox adjusts the rotor speed to the generator speed. Different stages are achieved by spur or planetary gears.


The level of debt used in a particular transaction expressed as a percentage of equity or as a ratio to equity (also referred to as 'leverage').


Global Environment Facility

generation adequacy

Power generation adequacy refers to the the ability of a system to meet the aggregate power and energy requirement of all consumers at virtually all times. Also called 'power generation adequacy'.


A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy

generator connection (or combiner) box

A generator connection box or combiner box is a housing for electrical connections. They are also called PV combiner boxes or PV array combiner boxes.


The geosphere is considered that portion of the Earth system that includes the Earth's interior, rocks and minerals, landforms and the processes that shape the Earth's surface.

geothermal play type

A play type in petroleum geology represents a particular stratigraphic or structural geological setting, defined by source rock, reservoir rock and trap. Translated to geothermal systems, a play type might be defined by the heat source and the geological controls on heat transport and thermal energy storage capacity.


ground fault detector interrupter


gross generation capacity


Greenhouse Gas

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