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D:E Ratio

debt to equity ratio


digestión anaeróbica.


A barrier that impounds water or underground streams


Data Acquisition Module

dark calm period

Dark calm refers to periods with low PV production (dark) and low wind power production (calm).

Data Acquisition Module

The automatic collection of data from sensors, instruments and devices: in a factory, laboratory or in the field.

data logger

A device that collects and stores data

data registration code

List of all data to be submitted by the system operator to a user or by a user to the system operator.

datos topográficos

Datos de contorno de la superficie terrestre

day-ahead forecast

Forecast made for the next day.

day-ahead market

A day-ahead market is where power is traded for delivery during the next day (usually hourly electricity products).

daylight facor

The ratio between the light level at a particular point in a building and the level simultaneously available outside.




demanda biológica de oxígeno


direct current


discounted cash flow

debt service

Repayments of principle plus interest payable,usually expressed as the annual amount due per calendar or financial year.

debt service coverage ratio

A quantitative measure used by lenders to determine whether a project’s prospective net cash flow from operations can support (make timely service payment on) a given amount of debt at the indicated potentially available terms. For any given debt service period, the debt service coverage ratio is defined as the cash available for debt service (CADS) divided by the total amount of debt service.

debt service reserve account

A reserve account set up to ensure the timely payment of principal and interest.

debt to equity ratio

A ratio of a company’s debt to its total capitalization. The higher the D:E Ratio the greater the financial leverage of the company.

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