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May refer to:

1) capacitance

2) concentration ratio of solar concentrators


crystalline silicon


centralised anaerobic digestion

cadmium telluride

A type of thin-film PV module


cash available for debt service


compressed air energy storage


Capacitance is the ability of a body to store an electrical charge. Any object that can be electrically charged exhibits capacitance.The SI unit of capacitance is the farad (F).


A capacitor is a passive two-terminal electrical component used to store energy electrostatically in an electric field.

capacity credit

The contribution of a power plant to the firm capacity of a system. Typically only used for VRE (variable renewable energy).

capacity factor

The ratio of the actual energy produced in a given period, to the hypothetical maximum possible amount of energy during that period, i.e. running full time at rated power. It is dimensionless.


capital expenditures

capital expenditures

Long-term expenditures for property, plant, and equipment, also called 'investment budget'.

capital markets

Capital markets are markets for buying and selling equity and debt instruments. Capital markets channel savings and investment between suppliers of capital such as retail investors and institutional investors, and users of capital like businesses, government and individuals.

capital structure

Capital structure refers to the way assets or investments are financed through some combination of equity, debt, or hybrid securities.


A carbohydrate is an organic compound carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. General formula is Cm(H2O)n.

Carbon finance

Finance generated through the sale of certified emission reduction credits

cash available for debt service

The amount of cash available to service debt after all essential operating expenses have been met.

cash flow

Flow of cash generated by a project.

cash flow cascade

The order of priorities under the financing documentation for the application of the project’s cash flow. (Syn. Cash waterfall)

cash waterfall

The order of priority for project cash flows as established under the loan and financing documents.(Syn. Cash flow cascade)

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