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average debt service coverage ratio

The ratio between operating cash flow and debt service during any one-year period, used to determine a project’s debt capacity.

average energy demand

Average requirement for energy as an input to provide products and/or services.

average loan life

The average maturity for all repayments weighted by the principal outstanding.


average debt service coverage ratio


The entirety of all birds observable in a region.


Of or relating to birds of a particular region or period.

avoided costs

Estimated cost that electric utilities would have to pay either to generate power themselves, or to procure from another generator in the market. Commonly used as a benchmark in the industry to indicate the approximate value of new generation to utilities.

azimuth angle

The angle between true south and the point on the horizon directly below the sun.


back-up system

An additional heating device which will provide heat when the solar thermal system cannot (same as auxiliary system)

background noise level

Noise level already present in an environment, e.g. prior to the installation of a wind turbine.

bacterias anaeróbicas

Microorganismos que viven y se reprocuden en un medioambiente que no contiene oxígeno "libre" o disuelto. Utilizados para la digestión anaeróbica.

baja tensión

Una tensión baja en sistemas de CA es una tensión inferior a 1kV («=1kV) (definición de la IEC).

balance energético

Cuantifica la energía producida, transformada y consumida en un tiempo dado. También puede constituir un sistema de contabilidad que registre la energía que ingresa, la que egresa y energía inutilizada en función del trabajo realizado.

balance general

Cuentas que muestran los activos , pasivos, patrimonio neto / patrimonio neto .

Balance of System

All components of a PV system, excluding the PV modules. BoS includes components such as mounting structures, tracking systems, inverters and other electronics, transformers, cabling, connectors, switches, fuses, lightning and surge protection, and storage technologies in the case of off-grid systems. Sometimes even labor costs and land are considered to be a part of the BoS costs of a system.

balance sheet

The accounts which show assets, liabilities, net worth/shareholders’ equity.

balancing valve

A valve that controls fluid flow in a system (e.g. in parallel branches of a piping system)


Condición de un proyecto que cumple a satisfacción con los requerimientos de instituciones financieras para el financiamiento del proyecto en si.


Se dice de cualquier operación susceptible de ser canalizada a través de una institución bancaria.


The state or condition of being 'bankable'. A project is 'bankable' if it is considered capable of being financed (economically viable).

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