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ancillary services

Services of generators to stabilize grid operation and to control voltage and frequency, e.g. reactive power.


Equipment fixed on a mast to measure wind speeds over a particular site. Anemometry masts are usually slender structures fixed to the ground with guy wires.


Anergy is the fraction of energy which cannot be transformed into work. It thus corresponds to the waste of heat.


available net generation capacity

angular frequency

ω = 2*π*f.


artificial neural network

annual debt service coverage ratio

The ratio between operating cash flow and debt service during any one-year period, used to determine a project’s debt capacity.

annual energy output

Total energy produced over the course of a year, for example by a wind turbine or a PV system.


annual debt service coverage ratio


An anode is an electrode through which conventional current flows into a polarized electrical device. ‘Conventional current’ describes the direction in which positive electronic charges move. Electrons have a negative charge, so the movement of electrons is opposite to the conventional current flow. Electrons flow out the anode to the outside circuit. The polarity of voltage on an anode with respect to an associated cathode varies depending on the device type and on its operating mode. This definition is sometimes remembered using the mnemonic ACID for 'anode current into device'.

Anti-reflex coating

A coating of a surface to reduce reflexion

antifreeze fluid

A fluid with a freezing point lower than water to prevent frozen working fluid.

aperture area

The area of a solar thermal collector through which solar radiation falls

apparent power

The product of the applied voltage and current in an AC circuit. Apparent power, or volt-amps, is not the true power of the circuit because the power factor is not considered in the calculation. Expressed in volt-amps [VA].


A PV 'array' is a collection of electrically connected photovoltaic (PV) modules.

artificial neural network

"An artificial neural network Is a family of statistical learning models inspired by biological neural networks (the central nervous systems of animals, in particular the brain) and is used to estimate or approximate functions that can depend on a large number of inputs that are generally unknown.


The physical project and its associated contracts, rights, and interests of every kind, in the present or future, which can be valued or used to repay debt


Zone of Earth’s mantle lying beneath the lithosphere and believed to be much hotter and more fluid than the lithosphere. The asthenosphere extends from about 100 km to about 700 km below Earth’s surface.


other cost that occur at a specific year t


Renewable energy auctions are procurement systems in which various bidders compete to be (partially) compensated for producing a given volume of electricity

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