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cost of capital

Cost incurred by a company in order to obtain the debt capital (borrowed funds) and social capital (equity) needed to finance their activities.

Cost of equity

In financial theory, the return that stockholders require for a company. It is represented in %.

cost of risk

The cost associated with the risk of a particular event occuring.


power factor

country risk

Narrowly defined, it refers to cross-currency and foreign exchange availability risks. More broadly defined, it can also include the political risks of doing business in a given country.


An agreement by a borrower to undertake (a positive covenant) or not to undertake (a negative covenant) a specific action. Breaching a covenant is considered an event of default.


The amount above 1.0x of a debt service coverage ratio.


Process whereby different lenders agree to fund under the same documentation and security packages yet may have different interest rates, repayment profiles, and terms. The lenders typically hold different debt tranches


performance coefficient


compound parabolic concentrator



credible contingency

Failure of a component that can occur with sufficiently high probability so that consequences of this contingency must be identified as a considerable risk.


An entitiy is considered 'credit worthy' if the risk of default on a debt obligation by that entity is considered low.


Additional resistor in the rotor circuit of the doubly-fed induction generator.

crystalline silicon

Refers to PV cell made from a single crystal or polycrystalline silicon wafer.


Concentrated Solar Power


Clean Technology Fund




Rate at which electricity flows through a conductor; measured in amps [A].

cut-in speed

The wind speed at which a wind turbine starts to generate electricity.

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